Volunteers Brighten Our School!


Volunteers Needed for: Lost & Found Maintenance, Cat Tracks volunteers, and so much more! Contact any one of our Board Members if you are interested in getting involved this school year!!! 
Volunteers make all of our PTA sponsored activities and events happen!  If you are interested in volunteering with the PTA, take a look at our Activities & Fundraisers page and pick one that interests you.  Look for calls for help throughout the school year, we will publish these on this website, in the Cougar Newsletter and on Facebook.

Important Info: All parents must fill out the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Form before volunteering at the school in the classroom or for the PTA.  The form must be updated annually.  The school will also need a copy of your current driver's license so it's easiest to stop by the Front Office and get it taken care of there.

New to school or need a quick refresher on some of the most asked questions at school. Need more information? Reach out to the PTA on Facebook (Washington Elementary pta - Tacoma, WA) or on our website www.wahoyt.org.

Donate - Every Penny Goes Towards Our Students, Teachers, School.

100% of every donation goes directly to our PTA Programs. We deeply appreciate your support! Instead of asking parents to sell wrapping paper, cookie dough or candy bars, we ask our families to give directly to the PTA. This means that 100% of your donation goes back into our school, our students and our teachers. Additionally your gift is tax deductible.

PTA Communications

Do you have something you'd like to submit to this PTA website? Our Facebook page? Cougar Newsletter? We have a small but mighty team working to get the word out electronically to our Washington families. Please email us your info and we'll publish it in a timely manner. Thank you!

Niki Kelly - 4nikikelly@gmail.com - Website & PTA Calendar

Julie Walker jules_vern4@hotmail.com - Cougar News Emails