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Fun Run!

The PTA is raising money for everything that makes Washington-Hoyt fun, educational and exciting for our children. The PTA supports and funds reading and math curriculum, classroom aides, field trips, educational assemblies, family fun events and so much more!


Follow these Simple Steps to Success!

  1. Register your child for the Fun Run by visiting and click on the gold star

  2. Friends ad Family want to help your child be successful and share in their achievements. Use the student fundraising page to promote online donations using the email & social media tools right on their webpage. It’s so easy!

Our school goal is $18,000

Every student will receive a pedometer the day of the Fun Run!

Pledge Rewards

Individual Goal Rewards (All rewards below are cumulative)

  • Register online at or first donation = Monster Clip + Rainbow Lanyard

  • Raise $50 (Goal for each student) = Temporary Tattoo + Monster Clip + 1 raffle ticket

  • Raise $150 = Monster Clip + Triple Coupon Pack (sit with a friend at lunch, no homework pass, extra library book) + 1 more raffle ticket

  • Raise $300 = LED Light Up Fiber Optic Headband + Washington water bottle + 2 more raffle tickets

  • Raise $500 = Be Principal or Miss Peggy for a Day

  • Top Dog Rewards = Top 10 students earn a special PIZZA PARTY and LIMO RIDE with Principal Schau and Miss Peggy!!!

Classroom Rewards
All Classrooms are encouraged to work as a team to reach their goal!

  • All classrooms that reach their gal of $1,000 will receive a Glow Stick dance party with POPCORN!

  • The top classroom gets a trophy with bragging rights and an extra free dress day.

Total School Goal Rewards
When the whole school works together as a team everyone WINS!

Help make this event great!

Volunteer the day of the run
Donate a basket for the raffle 

Earlier Event: October 18
Later Event: October 19