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We are so glad you are joining us! We think it is a great place to be for both the kids and parents! To help get settled, we wanted to share a few tips with you...
With our move to Hunt Middle School for the 2013-2014 School Year not everything below is applicable. I'll post more info as soon as I get more familiar with the building and our new procedures.

Helpful links for 2013-2014
School Supply List 2013-2014
Wa-Hoyt Uniform Policy
Paying for School Meals
Bus Stop Times (Now available!)
FAQ "This Year at Hunt"


Washington-Hoyt has a Uniform Policy but every Friday, it's free dress! Later in the school year, the ASB chooses "Theme Days" which are always lots of fun!
We often refer to that very large room in the Washington building where many of our school functions are held as the lunchroom...the auditorium...the gymnasium...the cafeteria etc.
When we say "Washington" we're referring to the big school where the Main Office is located. Hoyt, or "the little school", is located a block away on the corner of Union and N. 27th Street. Hoyt houses Kindergarten, one First Grade class and the Champions program.


Sign up for the Cougar News e-Bulletin to get the latest news emailed to you from the PTA.
The PTA Website provides a wealth of information including a complete PTA/school calendar and frequent updates of what's happening at our school! Bookmark www.wahoyt.org
The Front Office utilizes the ConnectEd phone system. You will periodically receive automated phone calls at home with pertinent information.
Please come to the PTA Meetings every month. We want you to be there - all parents are welcome whether you are a member or not! Please come!! For the next meeting check out our


To volunteer at the school it is mandatory to complete the Parent Volunteer Form and turn it into the Main Office. Bring your Driver's License with you!
To volunteer in the classroom, you must also sign the Parent Volunteer Agreement, which discusses classroom conduct for parents and bringing siblings into the classroom.
You must check in with the front office and pick up a visitor's badge every time you volunteer. At the Hoyt Building, check in with your teacher.


Children should be dropped off in the morning no earlier than 8:45 AM. Supervision is provided at that time.

Playground equipment is not to be played on before school.
8:55 AM First bell rings and teachers bring the students in the buildings.
9:00 AM Second Bell rings and students should be in their seats.
3:30 PM Students are released. Parents need to be on the playground to pick up their child unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.
Please arrive no earlier than 8:45 AM. Have your child line up by their designated green pole. Please stay with your child until 8:55 AM when the teachers come out to get the kids. There is no supervision for the kids prior to 8:55 at the Hoyt Bldg.

Playground equipment is not to be played on before school.


We have the BEST crossing guard in town. Please stop by and introduce yourself to Miss Peggy! BTW she also has been known to hand out candy after school on Fridays!
The Cougar is our school mascot!
If you have a question about how things work here at Washington-Hoyt, go ahead and send me an email. If I don't know I will try and find out for you.

Welcome to Washington-Hoyt!

Megan Boly
Washington-Hoyt does not have an after school sports program. If you are interested in having your student participate in sports, there are many options available here in the Tacoma area. We've listed a few links on our Sports and Recreation Links page. A lot of times parents will coordinate with each other to form Wa-Hoyt teams. So, be sure to ask around.